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Many factors were taken into account in the structural design of the bridge. The most important of these was to place the bridge legs without damaging the ruins of the Perinthos Ancient City Basilica and other archaeological values ​​of the ancient city after the existing road was removed. A number of important engineering factors played a role in deciding that the bridge's main structures were in arch form and steel. While determining the form and material, the structural system and materials that were used efficiently to cross as a single span at this distance were examined. The choice of an arched-deck structural system and hangers of delicate tension rods, box shape deck section with orthotropic character, was chosen. In terms of engineering most efficient material usage, installation conditions, its efficiency as a structural system. Cross tension rods were inspired by the Network Arch method, an innovative but also historically proven solution that minimizes the arch steel section. The factors that affect our design decisions were the fact that they can be withdrawn-detachable due to being on the archaeological site, and the delicacy of the steel makes the bridge silhouette elegant. With this bridge design, we are also proud to be the winner of the National Steel Bridge Award 2019 at the Turkish Structural Steel Association (TUCSA) 20th Structural Steel Day.