We are a structural design and engineering firm founded in Istanbul 2008 by Ahmet Topbas. Including with the previous experience of Topbas, ATTEC has more than 25 years of experience in the structural design of many prominent architectural, transportation, and industrial building projects.

Mr. Topbas graduated from Istanbul Technical University with a civil engineering degree in 1995. In the USA during his eleven years of work experience in New York and Master’s studies at Columbia and Georgia State Universities, he first worked for Navigant (SoundBuıld) in construction and project management, and then as a structural designer and project engineer at Thornton Tomasetti. Mr. Topbas holds a U.S. Professional Engineering, PE license.

As a team under his leadership, we always aim for challenging projects, unique solutions, and unique experiences during designing them. This we believe is how our real value is brought about.


We have expertise practically in every structural material, and even in traditionally non-structural ones. We designed and inspected projects with structural steel, timber, masonry and reinforced masonry, reinforced and precast concrete, glass, and textile reinforced structures. We believe this is one of the traits that make us and our design unique. And we keep on searching for new frontiers in design of structures.

In addition to the variety of materials, we are a design-oriented firm with a keen interest in the development and cooperation in the early stages of a project. Developing structural alternatives and making the structure an integral part of the project, part of its aesthetics, and provide integrity in the structure, thereby the project, is one of our main strengths.

We take active part in teaching the design of structures in higher education institutions.

Creating Structures is Our Art

We love structures, architecture, and art, and we collaborate with acclaimed international architects, developers, foundations, owners, and sometimes with prominent artists. Our wide spectrum of expertise in materials, design methods, and civil, industrial, and architectural structures enable us to think out-of-the-box, borrow from the different typology of work we have done, and bring original work to the table.

We act with the responsibility of public license or debt we are bestowed upon as Structural engineers. Structural engineer and his/her role are of critical importance to the development of the built environment of a society. Safety, economy, aesthetics, and constructability are what we coherently strive for.

In guidance of these values and experiences, we design, engineer, and inspect our structures. We offer the same integrity and responsibility in delivering whether small or large projects.

Professional Memberships

ATTEC is an active member of Turkish and International Structural Engineering Institutions, Structural Steel, Timber, and Concrete Associations.

Team Members:

  • Ahmet Topbaş (Director/Founder, 2008)
    ITU BS Civil Engineering,
    Georgia State University MBA,
    Columbia University MS Civil Engineering
  • Akın Ekinci (Engineering Manager, 2022)
    Sakarya University, BS Civil Engineering,
    Gebze T. University, Master of Earthquake and Structural Engineering
  • Burhan Kaplan (Senior Project Engineer, 2010)
    ITU BS Civil Engineering,
    ITU MS Structural Engineering,
    ITU MS Restoration
  • Sercan Karabacak (Senior Project Engineer, 2022)
    ITU, BS Civil Engineering,
    ITU, MS Structural Engineering,
  • Recep Keleş (Senior Project Engineer, 2022)
    SAU, BS Civil Engineering,
    SAU, MS Structural Engineering,
  • Fatma Merve Şengün (Structural Engineer, 2022)
    Dicle University, BS Civil Engineering,
    ITU, MS Earthquake Engineering, (Cont.)
  • Enes Kaya (Structural Engineer, 2022)
    MEF University, BS Architecture,
    MEF University, BS Civil Engineering (Double Major)
  • Nazım Ege (Intern Engineer, 2022)
    BUU, BS Civil Engineering,
    BUU, BS Architecture (Double Major)
  • Betül Pamuk (Administrative Affairs, 2014)
    Maltepe University of Tourism and Hotel Management
  • Şadiye Öztürk (Office Maintanance, 2016)

Continual Solution Partners

  • Selçuk Öztürk (Reinforced Concrete Detailing and Shop Drawings)
    Founder and Chief Drafter at TED Mühendislik
  • Zühtü Efe (Reinforced Concrete Detailing and Shop Drawings)
    Founder and Chief Drafter at TED Mühendislik
  • Burak Karsu (Structural Steel Modeling and Shop Drawings)
    Founder and Director at Burak Karsu Steel Consulting. ITU Civil Eng.
  • Thornton Tomasetti
    Structural Engineering and Design
  • EPA Mimarlık
    City Planning, Urban Design and Architecture
  • SANALArc
    Architecture, Research and Urban Design
  • AKIM Engineering
    Mechanical Engineering