Structural Design and Engineering Services

Design in Early Stages

  • Structural design from the early stages with alternative systems development
  • Formfinding and optimization of large span shell roof covers in various materials
  • Working with various structural materials and composites within the same project and design connections for them
  • Feasibility studies, material takeoffs for tender preparation and preliminary design
  • Structural verification for seismic safety and preparation of retrofit, bracing or strenghtening projects for historical structures

Hard Core and Detailed Engineering

  • Optimization for tall, slender towers in steel and concrete
  • Detailed final analysis and optimization, construction documents preparation for permits, site execution, and preparing shop drawings for fabrication
  • Advanced structural and stress analysis with 3D solid modeling
  • Advanced performance-based earthquake analysis

Design with Variety

  • Designs of loadbearing slender facade elements in different materials
  • Design of tall timber structures with CLT and other laminated products
  • Design of unique and signature architectural elements such as slender stairs, facade components
  • Structural glass systems and components design
  • Design of textile reinforced UHPC, GFRC and advanced precast concrete

Thorough Coordination

  • 3D modeling of structures for fabrication and BIM coordination
  • Advanced electromechanical and architectural, and facade BIM coordination

Inspection and Engineering Services During Construction or Fabrication

Modeling and Planning for Constructability

  • Scenario planning and sequencing of complex construction methods with 3D modeling and animations
  • Designs for the temporary shoring systems in historical buildings, other existing structures, or earth retaining structures.

Inspection and Checking

  • Evaluation and strength grading of solid, laminated or existing structural timber elements according to EuroNorms.
  • On-site inspecting, observing, reporting compliance to norms and project requirement.