For Systems, Components, and Materials

Innovative Composite or Multi-material structural designs, testing and prototyping.

For Computing During Design

Scripting for interoperability, formfinding, and automation during structural design.


  • Resolutions for adaptability problems between structural and BIM software
  • Solutions for complex engineering problems
  • Practical recording and reporting during field inspections
  • Automation for recurring massive structural engineering problems
  • Faster modeling and drafting for steel and concrete structures from 3D BIM platforms


Actively Using BIM in structural design.

  • BIM Coordination of structure with other disciplines, for architecture during design
  • BIM coordination in industrial structures between structure and electromechanical disciplines during design

For Modeling During Design

Solid and advanced modeling and analysis for complicated structural systems, components, and details.

For Ensuring the Constructability of the Design

Making construction Method Statements with creative video animations for challenging and sophisticated construction schemes.

For the Future and Development of Our Profession

Active Professional Sharing and Participating.

  • Teaching and learning structural design through physical modeling
  • International presentations as case studies at acclaimed professional seminars and conferences