Wikipedia is a free encyclopedia and an effective source of information; it is the concrete social manifestation of the Internet as a utopia. We started to translate the missing articles about our profession in the Turkish part of Wikipedia in order to contribute to the cultural dimension of the profession of structural engineering.

Peter Rice, who brought a creative perspective to structural engineering, was obviously at the top of our list. The brief translation support for this impressive engineer with his life, works and vision made us happy. The reason for the shortness of translation is actually the fact that we have done a test work to understand Wikipedia’s interface and tools. It is really exciting for us to translate the full text over time and perhaps to put forth a richer content.

You can review the Wikipedia article on Turkish translation of Peter Rice at


ATTEC: We are a structural design and engineering firm founded in Istanbul in 2008 by Ahmet Topbas. Including with the previous experience of Topbas, ATTEC has more than 20 years of experience in the structural design of many prominent architectural, transportation, and industrial building projects.