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As ATTEC we were proud to have completed the structural engineering of the pavilion designed by Han Tümertekin and to take part in this biennial at the 17th Venice Architecture Biennial, which was held under the theme 'How will we live together?', between 22 May-21 November 2021!

Glulam sideways beams as deck and main glulam girders were connected to the precast concrete-steel strip foundations with metal connector plates and bolts. The concealed support line on the seaside where the structure makes a 5m cantilever provides the additional magic support to stabilize the terraced and inclined seesaw-like system. The safety and stability were achieved even under 500kg/m2 full unbalanced loading on the seaside cantilever. The strict requirement for the Arsenale dock loading limit of 2ton/m2 and the no-drilling-for any-foundations rules were observed and made for challenging constraints.  

Just like a well- oiled machine’s parts clicking into place…All fabricated in Turkey and assembled in Italy for Biennale. Now dis-assembled to be re-assembled in Haliç Turkey. 

What would happen if a T-Rex jumped on our SidebySide structure in #Venice Architectural Biennale? Well, nothing!! It would be very safe, with our magical, hidden support by the waterside… Come and see with your own eyes, the test of the Chrome 8-bit dino! #Creative #Structural Engineering is so much fun!!! We were also at #Commons & Communities Architectural Exhibit at #SaltGalata curated by In-between Design Platform and @danishculturalinstitute



Design, Fabrication and Field Assembly Partners:
Han Tümertekin
Ayfer Bartu Candan
Hayriye Sozen
Hakan Tuzun Sengun
Zeynep Tumertekin
Ali Gürer
Tuna Ortaylı Kazıcı
Photography: Cemal Emden- Sena Ozfiliz
Fabrication and Field Assembly: Turkuaz Ahşap