• Steel
  • Concrete
  • Composite
  • 2010-2013
  • Commercial
  • Towers

A 300,000 m² mixed-use commercial, residential, hospitality complex which included a 5-story basement and a 75 upper stories-skyscraper, with an 8 story podium consisting of a casino, a shopping mall, and underground garages in Moscow, Russia. The structural system of the high rise building is reinforced concrete-structural steel composite core with steel column-beam frame at the perimeter. The composite floor system composed of steel beams and 19-27mm thick concrete on metal deck, and it was also designed to tie the perimeter structure to the composite core. The building has also two special outrigger steel truss floors on the 4th and the 50th floors. These outrigger trusses rigidly tied the core to the perimeter and reduce the structural demand on the cores, thereby highly contributing to the efficiency and the economy of the structure. The engineer of record for the tower was Thornton Tomasetti and the contractor was ENKA. Mr. Topbas had worked for TT in the project prior to founding ATTEC, and subsequently continued with the design and construction engineering of the tower under ATTEC umbrella.