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In accordance with the EPA Mimarlik architectural concept project, structural engineering required an arched steel pedestrian bridge, connecting Konak Intersection Bus stops area to Cumhuriyet Street and the Subway entrance in İzmir, Turkey. Egeasfalt was our client and the main contractor for this large development for the Turkish Directorate of Highways involving tunnels, and other important bridges. The pedestrian bridge is an orthotopic box section structure with approximately 150m span between two pavement grade abutments. It reaches a height of 6meters in a ramp form, with a nearly 55m clear center arch span. This very special bridge was designed using state-of-the-art methods with geometric surface modeling of all plate 3D curved elements, transforming to shell structural analysis in 3D, and later turning these models into a 3rd fabrication model similar to ship design and fabrication methods. The bent-tube support posts add a very unique design and steel fabrication element to the structure.

Architectural Project: EPA Architecture
Photo Credit: Cemal Emden