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The Meeting Station is a modular structure whose first stop is Taksim Square, with the aim of deciding how the Istanbul squares should be with the people living in the city and reviving the social memory. It is a structure designed by architect Arman Akdogan and his team IND architecture, in which the structural system also creates architectural elements. It consists of a staircase that rises in two directions mirrored on each other in terms of geometry and a 20m2 platform that is planned to be used as a performance activity area in the middle part. The lower part of the building is defined to be used as exhibition space. The vertical and horizontal load-bearing structures, consisting of a carrier system, optimal and elegant circular steel column, and circular steel braces that carry steel rectangular box profiles positioned on said main carriers to capture the ladder form. The connections between the steel elements have been specially described and analyzed to ensure modularity. The installation time was very short thanks to the modularity of the structure and the easy application of the joints between the steel elements.

Architectural Project: Inter National Design
Photo Credit: Hacer Bozkurt