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Mehmet Ali Bey Palangası, which created by Kutlug Ataman, is an enterprise located within the borders of Erzincan Binkoç village and is fattening animal husbandry with biodynamic methods. Mini “roofs” were designed by Architect Han Tümertekin to fit 2 bovine animals within the structure of this facility. The plan dimensions of the buildings with an elliptic plan and cross-section are approximately 5mx4m and the height is 2 m. The system, which was analyzed as a shell, was solved with a GRC (FibroBeton) material at a thickness of 2.5 cm. Analysis and structural modeling methods are handled in accordance with the principles of on-site application, and in order to apply the 3-dimensional elliptical structure geometry in the field, cross-section drawings of multiple planes are created in 2 dimensions. For manufacturing, a temporary steel system was created to provide the desired geometry of the shell form, on which a surface to pour concrete was obtained by laying the membrane. Then, steel mesh reinforced FibroBeton was applied by spraying and hand bonding methods...

Architectural Project: Han Tümertekin
Owner: Kutluğ Ataman