• Steel
  • Institutional
  • 2010-2013
  • Long Span Structures

ATTEC is responsible for the steel connection design as per EC3 of this 5,000ton steel project with challenging geometry. Enka is the steel fabricator and the general contractor where the structural engineer of record is Robert Silman Associates from NY, USA. ATTEC coordinates steel design between Istanbul and NY via Enka managers. Bechtel is the owner’s advisor in Gabon. Two gridlines with circularly distributed columns, moment-connected to girders, provide the lateral stability for the building. The large openings for perimeter atriums and completely stone-clad secondary skin 3m away from the perimeter columns create dramatic architecture as well as partially enclosed high gardens with much inviting artificial landscaping. All made possible by large-span truss and 3D curvature façade steel. Project Architects were a WorkAC partnership from New York.