• Timber
  • Masonry
  • 2015-2020
  • Residential
  • Special Homes
  • Low & Midrise Structures

This structure, consisting of single-story, steel-frame-reinforced masonry walls, and a timber roof, was constructed with sustainable design and engineering model in Adana Danışment. In this project, we worked with Sard Studio. The house was built with stones in the area, bricks salvaged from old structures, steel, and wood. The entire exterior was created with stone walls reinforced by bricks and reinforced concrete beams. The main bearing system of the building is laminated wooden roof beams and panels on steel columns and beams. Thin steel rods were used for tensioning purposes in order to capture the appearance of a thin timber roof over a large volume in the ridge of the building with a total of 150m² of the seating area. Glulam beams were used sideways in tongue-and-groove connection to create both rigid roof structure and interior finish.

Architectural Project: Sard Studio
Photo Credit: Sard Studio