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This building with a very important place in Istanbul and Ottoman history was structurally restored in place with partial removal, replacement, and repair of existing members and systems. The exterior and interior cladding was mostly kept in place but opened locally for rot, dampness, and weathering problem checks. Where it was observed that the structure needs replacement, scarf joints, local beam replacements, temporary shoring systems were used. The seismic tension was taken with continuous rods from the roof to the basement masonry walls, interconnected at the floor levels. Floor beams were all reinforced where needed. The low-quality early period reinforcements were removed and new flooring and wall load-bearing systems were installed. Where some walls were offset from the wall below and the load was carried by indirect paths over from the beams, we conducted thorough observation, documentation and 3D animated video to explain the load-bearing behavior, and the betterment options. We also were responsible for the field inspection and approval of the structural carpentry work.