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Hayreddin Tokadi Kulliye (Social Complex); It consists of an approximately 980 m² mosque structure and additional unit structures. In the plan of the mosque, a single square eye is formed by repeating simple timber elements in a repeated knee brace logic at different angles. This is essentially a vault system. Like light timber construction, it is planned to provide lateral and vertical strength and aesthetic rhythm with a large number of repeated parallel elements. The mosque and all social complex structures will be built with structural timber. This structural timber construction will also create the decoration. In addition to the mosque, the Kulliye is a project that includes 180m² closed ablution halls, 250m² soup kitchen, 150m² slaughterhouse, 250m² library, 290m² guesthouse, 180m² lodging, 150m² museum, 150m² masjid structures.

Architect: Baraka Mimarlık