• Steel
  • Concrete
  • Transportation
  • 2013-2015
  • Bridges

This was a competition entry with Salon Architects for the Beylikduzu Municipality in Istanbul. The main bridge’s structural design was made considering self-weight, pedestrian live load, vehicle loads, earthquake & wind loads, hydraulic loads, and ground conditions. Additionally, we paid attention not to overshadow the green of the valley and public area usage. Effective use of national resources, sustainability, and encouraging the local contractors to take the job, improving them without forcing them into exported methods was considered during structural system design. Structural design was made in accordance with AASHTO and KGM Specifications. The bridge, close to 350 m in total length will consist of seven approximately 50m spans. Choices on length and layout were made as per the principle of axes of main roads from each bank intersecting in the middle of the valley. The most economic bridge axis design was made by means of the shortest possible intersection. A steel orthotropic box section was selected for the deck structure, with optimized shaped concrete piers underneath the bottom of deck. Due to extreme earthquake reactions at the bottom of the piers, piling had to be done to take the tension forces. Hanging from the main bridge is a steel cantilevered pedestrian walkway. This walkway will be connected to the bottom deck plate and in the center of the valley, provide a resting and sightseeing space overlooking from both sides of the bridge.