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A very unique and challenging structure, this 10000 m2 new terminal entrance building had a character of its own. Working for TAV Construction, the existing single-story reinforced concrete cargo building with 10m height was heightened with a new two-story building. The new building had 8-12m varying roof height on top of the existing. The additions and the existing were structurally modeled simultaneously. And the existing columns below were strengthened with encasements where the top columns were adding new load.

The new story column grid was mostly, 18mx18m so the freestanding new concrete columns were raising up to10m freely. New structural steel pipe trusses were used as beams and these connected the top of the columns against sway during an earthquake. The space frame system above the column-truss beam system was supported directly on 18m apart columns and acted as purlins carrying the roof. A special embedded joint design was utilized for ease of construction of trusses and the column tops. The embedded pieces were also anchors of the space frame system.

The existing structure had 70cm thick solid two way slabs where they needed to be modified and strengthened for new openings and stairs. The expansion joints need to be stitched for completing the diaphragm effect. This stitching was sometimes conventional RC, and sometimes FRP strengthening. The new slabs were also a challenge to marry the existing where old openings were needed to be filled for continuous slabs were required for the new program.