• Steel
  • Art
  • Concrete
  • 2013-2015
  • Unique Structures

ATTEC designed the sculpture base platforms and their pile supports into the sea ground. These platforms and supports were designed to keep the sculptures in place with no significant movement during the sea storms through the fall of 2015 Bienal. We designed the sculpture leg anchors to the plates, and the installation inspection was also one of our responsibilities. The 15cm thick concrete plates were precast except for the top plate, which was formed and cast in the sea with the animal leg anchor embodiments. The slender steel pipe piles were hammered into the soft rock approximately 1.5m deep. The precast plates had openings for the piles and these intersections were grouted later on for a friction connection. The artist’s team, the engineering team, and the installation team worked in close coordination while installing anchors into the animals and also erection of the plates and the animals on the top of the plates. This was an internationally acclaimed project, the most ambitious of Adrian yet, and it was very special for us because it was an important contribution to the arts in Turkey. Overcoming hurdles like the very tight design-build schedule and international coordination with parties outside the construction and architectural community made us very proud in the end. Its beautiful and unique character was stood up and protected by engineering design, and becoming a part of that was worth every effort. Bienal Istanbul is an IKSV organization.