Team Bosphorus is consortium of two university teams; Istanbul Technical University and Yildiz Technical University from Istanbul that represent Turkey at the Solar Decathlon Africa 2019 competition. The university teams are made up of students from different disciplines, and they are advised by several faculty advisors and professional mentors.

ReYard House is designed to be sustainable. Natural and local building materials are chosen for this purpose. It is important to reduce costs, create multi-purpose and flexible areas, since the target group is a middle income family of 5, living in Morocco. Traditional Moroccan architecture has been reinterpreted in a sustainable and innovative way.

Riad is the name typology of traditional soil based Moroccan house which re-minds the life of Traditional Turkish houses with yards and open corridors. Reyard as a name of our house consists of two syllables “re” and “yard”. First syllable “re” means “again” and “recycle”, second syllable “yard” refers to “courtyard” and Riad. Two parts of house, two “L”, have been designed completely modular with soil based material. One part “L” forms common areas and other “L” includes places for private living area. The yard between two “L” becomes a living space which proposes its inhabitants a chance to spend most of their times in.

Waste-to-Energy: Regarding to microalgae technology, treatment of waste water and biochemical conversion of solar power is going to occur in our house. Moreover, electricity and heat energy is going to be obtained by converting the organic waste of the house and microalgae biomass into biogas. Natural cycle is going to be imitated by re-pumping the CO2 gas coming out from burning process to algae pond.Thus nearly zero carbon emission is going to be provided.

Other Environment Friendly Technologies and Methods to reduce Energy Consumption: Photovoltaic Panels, Thermal Solar Collector, Air/Water Heat Pump, Local, Natural Building Materials, Evaporative Cooling, Phase Changing Materials


Tarık Ateşer: 1995. Civil Engineer, studied in Istanbul Technical University, and continues his master degree in ITU. An amateur E-sportsman, member of the Solar Decathlon TeamBosphorus.