Our Director Ahmet Topbaş has joined Arredamento’s 2017 issue with an article that examines the relationship between Engineers and Architects through two of ATTEC Structural Design’s own projects as “Chief and Virtuoso”.

He explained the relationship between collaborative occupational groups, in this case structural engineers and architects, with an untraditional point of view using projects that can be named “hybrid”. As “hybrid” projects he used ATTEC’s İzmir Konak Intersection Pedestrian Bridge and Madac Madinah Academy.

The structures that he gained experience and became more developed with, in his carreer over twenty years, are discussed to be the products of the relationship between collaborative occupational groups (Engineers and Architects) improved by extended partnership and shared vision. These structures are long span roofs, shell like supports, extended trusses, beams, daring support slabs, console structures, and towers with tall and sleek designs.

The role and importance of structural design, the contribution of creative engineering to architecture, Architect-Engineer concept and other different types of values and notions that forms the character of ATTEC Structural Design Firm are examined by our Director in this article.

You can find the full article, details regarding İzmir Konak Intersection Pedestrian Bridge and Madac Madinah Academy projects and images in Arredamento 2017 issue.

Please click to view full Article (in Turkish)


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