• Timber
  • Commercial
  • 2015-2020
  • Low & Midrise Structures

In the Söke and Köşk districts of Aydın, hangar number 8 within the scope of the reconstruction and restoration projects of 3 historical station structures connected to TCDD for new purposes; Söke organic products and handicraft center would be re-functioned as a multi-purpose hall. Connection and diaphragm reinforcements were made on the laminates of these structures, which were entirely made of timber elements. The tensioners have been redesigned but this time more delicate.
In warehouse number 7, which has a single story, stone wall and timber structural system, and a double pitched roof, the wind forces were welcomed thanks to the stone walls surrounding the building on three sides in line with the new tourist attraction. For this, diaphragm reinforcements were made on the connection plane in the roof plane. In addition, the strut connections and ground connections of the timber columns are reinforced for vertical loads. The individual foundations have been reorganized according to the new connections.
We were included in the 3 existing structures during the construction phase, and all of them were inspected on-site, and surveys were made on the basis of system and detail. They were remodeled and the necessary reinforcements were made. During the production in hangar number 8, glulam column factory controls were made.