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A social facility to be established in the Boztepe region, where Ordu city view is best watched, includes an observation terrace with an elliptical plan, steel structural deck system, glass flooring, 30m cantilevering perpendicularly from Boztepe to the sea. The console will be hung on a 17m long steel/concrete composite column with steel rod stays. This steel system will be connected to the reinforced concrete retaining wall and pile foundation system. In addition, vibrations have been reduced by using special spring-viscous dampers at the end of the cantilever to improve comfort conditions. There is a 2-story reinforced concrete and steel structural system, to be clad with a green roof, a single-story composite system shop, a restaurant, and other small buildings to promote the region. Also in the facility is a glass-paved walking path, which is steel pipe columns and beams surrounded by retaining walls that are extended for paragliders with a sloping parachute jumping ramp. The walking path is on a challenging steep slope, and its steel carrier system connects the paths, the walls, also small steel terraces at 3 points for cafes.

Architectural Project: Can Elmas Architecture