Odun Pazarı Modern Art Museum

  • Low & Midrise Structures
  • Institutional
  • Steel
  • Concrete
  • Timber
  • 2015>>>

ATTEC is the structural engineer for timber facade structure of Eskişehir Odun Pazarı Modern Art Museum designed by Kengo Kuma and funded by Polimeks. This iconic project with signature crossing of timber elements from Mr. Kuma that correlates with historical architecture of Odun Pazarı district. The design comprising a 3200 sq. meter building area with a 600 m3 structural timber is inspired by unique Japanese Timber Architecture techniques where timber columns are mounted on top of each other in an askew manner to form the facade setup. The same setup will make a spin around the inner court and set the boundaries for the art gallery. The overall facade design resembles a mesh or pergola.