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This fun, multifunctional, green, and meaningful structure was architecturally designed by SO? Istanbul while the structural design was done by ATTEC. 125m long and 6m wide this structure was made of crisscrossing timber laminated column and brace frames. The lining up of repeated frames every 6m with varied canopy directions allowed shops and kitchens of the bazaar spaces under them. Meanwhile, playgrounds, resting places were also cleverly integrated into the timber structure following the principal angles. The braces, passing over the columns, also acted as canopy cantilever beams. These co-planar frame members were connected with high capacity, hidden steel plate, and 8mm metal dowels. Connections provided an elegant and simple structure by virtue of their invisibility and contribute to the feeling of large space by providing co-planar framing. Top of the frames was covered with light roofing for this semi-open space, and the repeated shops and frames continued within the forest edge and combined within the trees for a much greener experience. The Kemer Club was the project owner.