• Steel
  • Industrial
  • 2010-2013
  • Low & Midrise Structures

This was a storage building designed for TAV Construction and Havaş, between the apron and the land sections of the Ataturk Intl. Airport. Plane cargo is being stored in this intermodal facility before the trucks will distribute. The steel frame structure was made with 400 mm deep beams and columns, on a 6-12m grid layout. The existing concrete viaduct on which the steel is located was supported on 10 m tall buttressed-retaining walls on one side, and on 900x900 columns on the other. Since the as-builts were missing, the buttress geometry was determined by geo-radar scans from the surface of the retaining walls. These very rigid buttresses were checked against the soil and as well as the added seismic loads due to the new structure.