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This very exciting social responsibilty project was done in collaboration with the MEF University’s architecture department in Istanbul. Its professors and third year architectural students did the architectural design and partially the fabrication and the assembly of this bridge, while ATTEC helped with the formfinding in the earlier stages, and followed on with the structural design and site supervision.

The Ayazaga Public Middle School’s playyard was divided in two with a public water channel of 10m width. To get the children to the other side of the channel, increase the playyard area, and add a future sports area, a bridge was brilliantly thought of by MEF. To fit in with the surrounding treescape, be a part of the timber language of the playyard’s remaining areas, and to use its warmth and child-friendly nature, timber was chosen as the structural material. Also the architectural studio class students were required to partly relatively easily build it. So what better material than wood!

Since it was a public, non-profit work, we designed the bridge to be a budget project. All the structural timber sections were commonly available sizes such as 5x10s or 5x15s. When structurally required we doubled the sections instead of going to a different size. This made for also economical and easy-to-build bolted connections and splices. In the end, the students, with the help of the carpenters from the Parks Department of the Municipality of Sarıyer, did quite a fantastic job in putting together this complicated geometry. And let’s not forget the huge effort and the blood and sweat of the Professors of MEF.

Photo Credit: Yerçekim Fotoğraf