We are a team working in the field of Creative Structural Engineering, and we have issues to share which will show the importance of the Creative Engineering concept.

In conventional structural engineering, we make sure that structures stand up, we use our inventiveness and technical wizardry to find solutions for architectural, industrial and civil schemes and turn them into reality. Don’t get us wrong. We just love doing it! However, there is even better! Creative Structural Engineering re-emphasizes the curiosity and challenging tendency which is the essence of the profession (and the color of the profession). Practices done without curiosity and challenge does not have a power to trigger new processes. We care about being a trigger to novelty.

Sharing and examining Creative Engineering examples from our work and from the world, we will bring to your attention and create awareness. For this purpose, we’ll  be sharing our content firstly on our blog and immediately on our social media accounts. In addition to sharing content such as reviews, notes, impressions, series, listings, etc., and we also aim to contribute with translation of professional articles and similar content to Turkish language.  We strongly recommend you to follow us:

We wish to meet in real and virtual world!

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